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Raphaela Vogel: Ultranackt

Kunsthalle Basel

18 May 201812 Aug 2018

Raphaela Vogel’s exhibition hosts impressive sculptural installations, weighty and poised in precarious balance, presented in combination with pulsating sound or videos that often feature the artist herself. Taking the unruly and passionate fervor of football fans, or so-called “Ultras,” as a thread throughout the show, Vogel traces many bodies, one of them being her own, another taking the form of a modified antique horse statue that opens the exhibition, or the body of the masses, suggested by new sculptures made of casts of public urinals that reference large public gatherings at concerts and festivals. Her series of new works in this first solo exhibition outside the artist’s native Germany unfurls an idiosyncratic world, at once thrilling and dystopic. Raphaela Vogel was born 1988 in Nuremberg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin.

Special opening times:
Mo 11.6. – Sun 17.6. from 10am to 8pm, except Wed 13.6. from 10am to 10pm

  • Raphaela Vogel, view from the studio, Photo: Paul Sochacki, 2018Raphaela Vogel, view from the studio, Photo: Paul Sochacki, 2018

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Installation view of Raphaela Vogel at Bonner Kunstverein

Raphaela Vogel


Elena Filipovic, Director of Kunsthalle Basel

Elena Filipovic

Special Events

Destination: Basel
Where: Kunsthalle Basel
Type: Late Nights
Admission: Free

On this special evening, one can experience the solo exhibition Ultranackt by Raphaela Vogel and as well a live concert especially performed for Luke Willis Thompson’s new film and solo exhibition _Human.

Destination: Basel
Where: Kunsthalle Basel
Type: Guided Tour

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