Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi - Exhibition

Reclamation Ground by Serendipity Arts Festival

Warehouse 59, Alserkal Avenue

19 Mar 201824 Mar 2018

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In December 2017, Serendipity Arts Festival presented “The Ground Beneath My Feet” an exhibition of contemporary performance art in Goa. The exhibition invited nine artists from around the world to present site-specific works on a 229 feet barge docked on the Mandovi river. “The Ground Beneath My Feet” was a project dedicated to performance art curated by the HH Art Spaces and developed in collaboration with Serendipity Arts Foundation, HH Art Spaces, and Asia Art Archive in India. “Reclamation Ground” is a carryover of “The Ground Beneath My Feet” that brings together new iterations of four works of art that went into the making of the exhibition in Goa. This exhibition is a reconstruction of fragments from the barge invoking the precarious fragments of land surrounded by rising oceans and migrating populations.

  • Courtesy of Alserkal AvenueCourtesy of Alserkal Avenue

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