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Renaissance: Carpaccio and Bill Viola

Espace Louis Vuitton Venice

24 Jan 201425 May 2014

Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia presents Renaissance, an exhibition designed by the art historian Adrien Goetz and the curator Hervé Mikaeloff. Artworks by Vittore Carpaccio (c. 1465/1470-1525/1526), a great master of Venetian art, and Bill Viola, a contemporary video artist internationally renowned, are showcased at the exhibition.

Renaissance offers a new opportunity to bring contemporary art face to face with the artistic heritage of La Serenissima, to reveal evocative connections and to celebrate the extraordinary vitality and contemporary relevance of classical art through the rediscovery of two masterpieces of Venetian art.

Separated by more than five hundred years, Vittore Carpaccio’s paintings and Bill Viola’s videos show similar questions and concerns: the meaning of life, the paradoxical resemblance of birth and death, the importance of movement and the expression of emotions, suspended time, ever-shifting colour –motifs and similar points of interest that are invitations to grapple with these magnificent works in a novel way, with their common theme of “renaissance”.

The term renaissance, or rather “renaissances”, is to be understood in manifold senses: religious resurrection, spiritual renewal, miraculous reappearances and spectacular restorations of paintings believed lost or non existent, a glittering period in the history of art, and, perhaps a final significance, a feeling of intense regeneration experienced by the viewer faced with these masterpieces of past and present…

The presentation of Carpaccio’s paintings is all the more exceptional and moving in that they have only very recently been definitively attributed to Carpaccio (2012 for the Madonna and Child and 2013 for the Pietà) made possible after meticulous restoration work funded by Louis Vuitton as part of its partnership with theFondazione Musei Civici Venezia (MUVE).

  • Bill Viola: Emergence, Courtesy of the artist and of Espace Louis Vuitton VeneziaBill Viola: Emergence, Courtesy of the artist and of Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia

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