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Renata Boero: Kromo – Kronos

Museo del Novecento

02 Apr 201923 Jun 2019

The exhibition at Museo del Novecento, Milan, offers a new critical view of the work of Renata Boero, Genoese artist based in Milan and active on the international scene since the 1960s.

The solo exhibition spans her entire career, highlighting the strong connections between its earliest phases and the later works: the path begins with an almost never-before displayed selection of “Cromogrammi”, produced by Boero between the 1960s and 1970s, and further illustrates the evolution of the artist’s production through the “Germinazioni” series, “Fiori di Carta” and the most recent “Ctoniografie” series, autogenerated paintings obtained by the artist burying them in the earth. The survey is enriched by a vast documentary apparatus and varied archival materials, which shed light on the more personal side of Renata Boero.



  • Renata Boero, Renata Boero, "Cromogramma", 70s, Setting up of the exhibition “Percezione-Azione”, Università Milano Bicocca, 2016

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