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Ruben Millares: Paint by Numbers

Pan American Art Projects

07 Sep 201710 Dec 2017

“Paint by Numbers” comprises large works on canvas and more intimate pieces made in vellum by Miami-born and based artist Ruben Millares. Millers is an accountant, his world is full of numbers and so are his works:in some sort of professional deformation numbers eventually become people, houses, food, anything and everything. Numbers are codes that can decipher contemporary society, making personal something that otherwise could be seen as impersonal and cold.

  • Ruben Millares, Paint by Number, 2017Ruben Millares, Paint by Number, 2017

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Ruben Millares

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12.000 m2

Borlenghi Robert, Wetherington Janda

T: +1 305 751 2550 M: W: PAAP