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Sandro De Alexandris: “1964 | 2018”

10 A.M. ART

14 Feb 201911 Apr 2019

The Galleria 10 A.M. ART hosts in its new venue in Corso San Gottardo, Milan, the anthological exhibition dedicated to the fifty-year-long career of artist Sandro De Alexandris. The overview focuses on the salient moments of his practice, since its origins retraceable in the creative climate of the early 60s, marked by the neo-avant-garde movements which questioned the basis of poetry and painting. Starting from some rare pieces of 1964, “1964 | 2018” investigates De Alexandris’ researches of the 1960s and 1970s, the paintings of the 80s, like the “Sovrapposizioni” series and the works from the 1990s on.


  • Sandro De Alexandris, Sandro De Alexandris, "1964 | 2018", Exhibition View at 10 A. M., Milan, February 14 - April 11, 2019

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