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Sang Woo Kim: Public Toilet

Venice Art Projects space 992/a

29 Aug 201924 Nov 2019

The project by artist Sang Woo Kim plays  with the concept of imitation with the aim to suggest potential reuses and criticise the passive consumerism of contemporary society. “Public Toilet” features pieces by Sang Woo Kim, based on existing works by Elmgreen & Dragset, Sarah Lucas, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol and more, to challenge the ideas of originality, intention and expression and claim the dignity of the copy as an essential apparatus. The title of the exhibition itself ironically includes the projects in a pre-existing network of signs and signals rather than creating a totally original form.

  • Sang Woo Kim, Courtesy of Venice Art ProjectsSang Woo Kim, Courtesy of Venice Art Projects

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Fondamenta sant'Anna 992/a Venice, 30122 Italy