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02 Jun 201720 Jun 2017

In times of the digital era, the independent art space is trying out a new format of exhibiting. The show is titled “SCREEN_”, which is read “Screenspace” and refers to the exhibition space located on screen. It is an email-based virtual art space showing 5 artists in 5 weeks, concurrent with Art Basel. These artists include  Aida Cheng (CHN/ USA), Céline Manz (CH), Daniela Brugger (CH), Esther Hunziker (CH) and Jessie Stead (USA). Every Friday within the month of June, the subscribers receive a newsletter with a new artist and it’s new show. To sign up, one has to register via:

Thereby, the show becomes independent of time and space, detached from societal structures, cultural or geographical influences. the viewer decides how he wants to experience the show. And the artist decides how to use the digital format in order to transmit concepts, ideas and beliefs.

The exhibition is a collaborative curatorial edition of Ada W. Potter’s project SCREEN_.

  • SCREEN_, 2017. Courtesy of deuxpieceSCREEN_, 2017. Courtesy of deuxpiece

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Claire Hoffmann, Bianca Hildenbrand-Severo, Alice Wilke, Stefanie Bringezu, Dominik Denzler

M: W: deuxpiece
Schlossgasse 8 Basel, CH-4058 Switzerland