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Shanghai Jing’An International Sculpture Project

Jing'an Park

20 Sep 201620 Nov 2016

The 4th edition of this biennial public art fair is on view at the Shanghai Jing’an Sculpture Park, with installations by over 15 artists.

The latest edition of JISP intensively increases to boost participation and interaction of the public in order to fulfill the characteristic of Public Art,“being Public”. Such as Gary Chang’s installation: he conceives a simple design that satisfying the requirement of the most flexible space, which is “how small is big enough”. This idea that utilises the trait and resource of the urban city reaches a higher-level aesthetic attitude for creating a “human habitation” and exemplifies a notion of pragmatic significance for modern cities like Jing’an district. “Urban Fox” was the most popular art piece in the last edition. After settling in Jing’an Park, the fox doesn’t only attract numerous visitors but also bring flocks of birds which nested around and formed more than hundreds of bird nests. Originally, the intention behind this work narrates a story regarding the survival and harmony between human and fox, this “fox” generates a vivid micro-ecology. Investigating through the questionnaire, the organiser follows the public opinion to keep the fox! This allows the fox to become the only re-created work. The series actions reflect the growth and incubation of art as well as present the process of how public art impact on cities. Public as a positive force influence the destiny of an art work in a public space, which is the profound value this project has achieved. American artist Dan Graham’s work City of London Rococo unfolds the mutual reflection between urban dwellers and multi-perspectives of the city development the “City Rebirth” has brought.

This edition is even better in exhibiting layout and various specifications, which realise the concept of “rebirth”. First of all, following the completion of the “Sculpture Park Art Centre”, the project fulfills the indoor and outdoor exhibits simultaneously, the two areas are complementing in the other’s company. Then, in order to cooperate with the culture establishment for the integration of two districts, this project sets up the parallel exhibitions in Ming Contemporary Art Museum and Daning Lingshi Park respectively for the first time. The mode of the sculpture project promotes the art appreciating activities to a broader area, and allows more city inhabitants to be closely surrounded by the world most distinguished public arts. A series of figures reveal that this edition is more successful than the last one in the subject of quality and quantity, to be more specifically, this project involves with 7 countries and corresponding areas, 24 artists (10 international and 14 domestic), 45 groups and more than 300 pieces of art works (86 for outdoor and 222 for indoor). Besides the on-site exhibition, abundant “public activities” are held to boost the public participation of public art. Additionally, “Shanghai Jing’an International Public Art Conference (J’PAC)” coincides with the Jing’an International Sculpture Project. The conference has been successfully implemented for two editions since 2012. The latest edition continues the statement “Public Art and City Development” of the past editions, which further researches on the status and function of public art during urban development and reviews how public art influence the city sustainable development and the quality of lives.

The new mode of “Rebirth” is the resolving strategy to raise a higher expectation in public art while urban development enters the metropolitan era of art appreciation, and resonating with the appeal of innovation and change of “New Jing’an”. The latest edition of “JISP” shoulders with the “New Jing’an” together at a starting point to engender a new alliance and forge an outstanding highlight of Shanghai development.

  • Shanghai Jing’An International Sculpture Project 2012, Jaume PlensaShanghai Jing’An International Sculpture Project 2012, Jaume Plensa

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