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Song Dong: Regenerate


02 Sep 201411 Oct 2014

“Regenerate” is the first solo exhibition in Brazil by acclaimed chinese artist Song Dong, curated by Sarina Tang. The title refers to installations that the artist develops from discarded materials; in Chinese (重生), the word means double life and rebirth.

His installations, consisted of furniture, doors and demolition windows, symbolically carry the artist biography whose past is marked by economic hardship and psychological tensions he experienced with his family during the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong between 1966 and 1976. Song Dong work has a significant contemporary discourse in relation to urban renewal and sustainability when he “regenerates” discarded materials into a new aesthetic.

In his first exhibition in the city, the artist seeks to draw a parallel between Brazil and China. It will be presented photographs of 1990s, videos made over two decades, a large new installation – composed of demolition materials purchased in different states of Brazil that dialogue with those commonly found in Beijing – and also drawings created in São Paulo. In the artistic context, the two countries bear a resemblance: as others pointed out as “in developing”, both only had their artistic recognition by Europe and the United States axis over the past two decades.

Song‘s work ranges from performance and video to photography and sculpture, he explores notions of impermanence and transience of human activity.


  • Song Dong, Courtesy of BaróSong Dong, Courtesy of Baró
  • Song Dong, Courtesy of BaróSong Dong, Courtesy of Baró
  • Song Dong, Courtesy of BaróSong Dong, Courtesy of Baró

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