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Sophia Al-Maria: Mirror Cookie

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

14 Mar 201931 May 2019

Artist Sophia Al-Maria‘s project at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, is part of the 2019 cycle of the Project Rooms, hosting international artists who investigate issues related with contemporary life and socio-cultural phenomena such as misogyny, apocalypse and national identity.

Al-Maria’s installation “Mirror Cookie” consists of a room surrounded by mirrors: a video presents the character of Bai Ling, a Chinese-American actress, repeating several disconnected monologues while facing the mirror herself. Viewers put in front of this veteran figure, who has survived the misogynist industry of Hollywood cinema, are brought to reflect upon racial and gender stereotypes.

Sophia Al-Maria is an artist, writer and director, whose multidisciplinary practice focuses on contemporary compelling issues, such as the isolation of individuals due to technology and reactionary Islam and the corrosive elements of consumerism and industry.


  • Sophia Al-Maria, Sophia Al-Maria, "Mirror Cookie", 201, )view of the installation at Art Basel, Hong Kong, Courtesy Sophia Al-Maria, Anna Lena Films and Project Native Informant, London

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