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20 Nov 201520 Dec 2015

The environment of a work of art and the conditions of its production are being examined in this group exhibition by Andreas Fogarasi, Livia Di Giovanna, Florian Graf, Karin Lehmann.

These five artists and Dominic Michel, whose publication will be presented together with the show, analyze, share and dibate on a same theme of interest.

The artworks by Livia Di Giovanna focus not only to the spatial circumstances and the phenomena of the perception of the viewer, but also to the related temporal dimension.

Andreas Fogarasi analyses the act of showing things and representing places, cities and regions, through his films, installations and photographs.

In Florian Graf‘s architecture-related interventions the built environment is analyzed critically and ironically, while the production conditions of art are being illuminated in his films.

Finally, the exhibition presents Karin Lehmann‘s artistic approach the experimental and material-related work.

  • Andreas Fogarasi, Public Brands - La France, 2009, VideoAndreas Fogarasi, Public Brands - La France, 2009, Video
  • Karin Lehmann. courtesy of SchwarzwardalleeKarin Lehmann. courtesy of Schwarzwardallee
  • Livia Di Giovanna, Doppelt und dreifach umrundet, 2014. Video StillLivia Di Giovanna, Doppelt und dreifach umrundet, 2014. Video Still
  • Florian Graf, Animistic, 2015, Video StillFlorian Graf, Animistic, 2015, Video Still

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Destination: Basel
Where: Schwarzwaldallee
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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fri, sat 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Borer Karin, Kurth Daniel, Pedrina Bianca, Wiederkehr Lorenz

T: +41 79 669 9640 M: W: Schwarzwaldallee
Voltastrasse 41 Basel, CH-4056 Switzerland