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Sparkle! I Wanna Eat Yummy Yummy


30 Jan 201531 May 2015

Reflecting the importance of eating in the lives of local residents, the oft-heard refrain has inspired the curator, Janet Fong, to invite six artists to join her in a food-themed exhibition project filled with local flavours. Food and art are ideologically similar in many aspects. Connecting the two in this project, Janet Fong presents a series of public activities in which artists will create together with the audience an exquisite and novel buffet that opens up our senses of sight and taste to a cornucopia of sensory experiences.

The participating artists will create works around the axis of food and art.

Choi Yan-chi (b. 1949, Hong Kong) sets out to facilitate a dialogue with participants on virtual space and trigger an exchange of thoughts through sharing food.

Freeman Lau (b. 1958, Hong Kong) is planning to create a gigantic fortune cookie for visitors to make wishes in the gallery. Samson Young will present a contemporary version of “Coffee Cantata”, a secular cantata by JS Bach in 1732, through installation.

Li Peng (b. 1975, China) re-examines the complicated relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland China through a series of Chinese ink paintings based on the streetscapes of Kowloon City, the history of Sung Wong Toi, a local monument from the Sung Dynasty, and dining scenes taken from ancient Chinese prints.

Ng Ka-chun (b. 1985, Hong Kong) creats utensils from the wooden handles of hoes, not only to extend the life of farming tools through his craftsman’s skills, but also to express his concerns about the impact of urban development on rural villagers.

Morgan Wong (b. 1984, Hong Kong) expresses his concerns about issue of lifespan through his installation work.

  • Courtesy of Oi!, Hong Kong.Courtesy of Oi!, Hong Kong.

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