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24 Jul 201518 Oct 2015

Many contemporary artists have looked at familiar scenes and ordinary chores for inspiration in order to explore new possibilities in our approach to daily life. Their works have aroused people’s fascination in common things and their curiosity about their surroundings, leading them to review their relationship with society. Believing that creative works can serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and igniting imagination, Vivian Ting, the guest curator of this project, has invited eight local artists to step into the neighbourhood of North Point and connect with various communities, such as residents, students, domestic helpers and bookstore clients, with the participants revisiting and sharing their personal experiences while contemplating the link between art and life.

This exhibition now presents the artists’ finished works, made in a variety of media, which offer visitors the opportunity to go on a vivid sound tour recounting historical anecdotes from North Point, explore another perspective of urban life that follows in the footsteps of literature and neighbourhood cats, appreciate the transformation of ordinary objects taken from everyday existence, rediscover the human connections of our city and experience its distinctive smells.

  • Priscila Chu and Kwong Man-chun, Thinking of youPriscila Chu and Kwong Man-chun, Thinking of you
  • Brandon Chan, Castle of the North KingdomBrandon Chan, Castle of the North Kingdom
  • Fung Hing-keung, Serious Cats and Their Approaches to Memory ReproductionFung Hing-keung, Serious Cats and Their Approaches to Memory Reproduction

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Vivian Ting

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