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Stella Zhang: 0-Viewpoint

Private: Galerie Du Monde

13 Mar 201530 Apr 2015

0-Viewpoint is a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Stella Zhang (b. 1965, Beijing), critically acclaimed for her multimedia art and engaged with concepts of femininity, sexuality and the self.

0-Viewpoint presents Zhang‘s monochromatic, layered and internal landscape, one that is rich with emotions, unresolved tensions, impulses, conflicts and resistance. Embodied in her art, Zhang generously shares her most intimate, psychological and delicate self.

The exhibition is part of a continuum in Zhang‘s ongoing search for self, a process that the artist has termed “0”. This exploratory expedition of nationality, generation, gender and identity have been manifested in Zhang’s exceedingly reflective art, engendering her role and experiences as a Chinese female artist, living in California.
In 0-Viewpoint the dialogue extends beyond an exploration of the corporeal and involves societal expectations, creating an ongoing tension and struggle.

The focal point of 0-Viewpoint is an expansive installation of fabric forming tunnels and canopies, alluding to the womb. Carefully hand-sewn, the constructions create spaces which are borderless and spiritual, whilst possessing simultaneous elements of being delicate and confrontational.
Also exhibited are a series of white bi-dimensional paintings, manipulated fabric is cut and stretched across the wooden frames revealing the construction of its medium.

  • Stella Zhang, 0-Viewpoint, installation view at Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong, 2015. Photo courtesy of the artist.Stella Zhang, 0-Viewpoint, installation view at Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong, 2015. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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