Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi - Exhibition

Stéphanie Saadé: The Encounter of the First and Last Particles of Dust

Grey Noise

18 Mar 201911 May 2019

Stéphanie Saadé’s work takes as a departure point the moment when one becomes estranged from his surroundings. The artist explores the shape, or the shapes, of distance, and makes them visible, as well as the changes in shape of the individual that goes through this estrangement. A process of Artificial Nostalgia is developed, through which strange locations, familiar to the artist, are assembled. The nature of links is questioned, their persistence or their ephemerality. The created knots and ties form pairs, which never become doubles. Single objects are composed from differences brought together.

  • Stéphanie Saadé, Moon PillsStéphanie Saadé, Moon Pills

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