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Stephen Kaltenbach: You Are Me


23 Feb 201931 Mar 2019

The exhibition “You Are Me” is dedicated to artist Stephen Kaltenbach, considered a pioneer of American Conceptual art. The artist begun working in New York during the 1960s and, from 1970 to the present, in Northern California, creating works as one of his personas, Regional Artist.
The exhibition represents a survey of his career, featuring both new works and re-examining classical ones; the pieces on view highlight the main topics of Kaltenbach’s works, which convey a humorous vein on one side and a morbid one on the other. The exhibition dedicates also a special focus on the years spent in New York and on the energy which characterised the works produced during that period.


  • Stephen Kaltenbach “Left Foot as proposed boot tread for Neil Amstrong,” 1969Stephen Kaltenbach “Left Foot as proposed boot tread for Neil Amstrong,” 1969

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