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Stuart Middleton: Improvers


20 Sep 201827 Oct 2018

Improvers is the second solo exhibition of Stuart Middleton at Carlos/Ishikawa. The show features two-dimension drawings, rendered by the artist from photographies that he took in first person. The scenes represented derive from a county show of cattle and portray the animals, while they are presented to the judges by their handlers, who keep their heads still. Another drawing represents a pair of HGV’s equipped to carry logs, painted in bright pigments, while another one is a forest scene, all portrayed with smooth and brilliant tints.

The title of the exhibition refers to the colloquial term for the experimental livestock breeders of the 18th Century but also evokes the willing of self betterment and progress at the expense of all else, which lead some individuals driven by strong entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Stuart Middleton, Stuart Middleton, "Improvers" Installation View, 2018, Courtesy of Carlos/Ishikawa

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