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Sunset in Athens (part three)

Vamiali’s gallery

31 Mar 201701 Jul 2017

“Sunset in Athens (part three)” is a project in progress, developed gradually and in stages within the last months. An exhibition in progress, at the time of instability, displacement and transformation, inviting the viewer every time to a new experience and a fresh “re-reading”.

The exhibition “Sunset in Athens” focuses and explores the universal themes of the human condition as love, loss, loneliness, optimism, discontent, imposition, desire, intimacy, longing and embraces the idea of microcosm, which contains an entire universe. Through micro, the artists approach the macro, the human soul and the inexhaustible of the human condition, in order to highlight the subtle practices which through personal, idiosyncratic systems revive a given structure.

  • Group Mel-air, Polys Peslikas, Dimitra Vamiali, Caroline MayGroup Mel-air, Polys Peslikas, Dimitra Vamiali, Caroline May

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