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Syagini Ratna Wulan: Ahead of Itself Already Being In

Fost Gallery

14 Apr 201714 Jun 2017

Syagini’s new works emanate from her exploration into the philosophy of existentialism and the state of Being. But in her journey to seek a deeper understanding, she found that the more she researched, the less she knew, and the more the truth is concealed. One gets to experience first hand her frustration when viewing the two large figurative paintings, both depicting a large piece of cloth draped over an arrangement of unknown objects or figures, set in an otherwise empty room. Only a hint of what some of these objects are is meagerly proffered.

These quiet ghostly arrangements make us want to throw off the cloth to reveal what lies beneath on one hand, and on the other, to leave the unknown veiled. A human presence is felt but not seen. These paintings serve as a metaphor for the inward contemplation on and perception of the very core of our being. We also sometimes choose not to venture into the deepest depths of our Being, preferring to live with the superficial.

  • Syagini Ratna Wulan: Ahead of Itself Already Being InSyagini Ratna Wulan: Ahead of Itself Already Being In

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