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03 Jul 201927 Oct 2019

The exhibition at Tate Modern provides an insight into the 70-year career of the Greek artist Takis, renown for his innovative production which still makes him a pioneering figure of the contemporary artistic scenario.

The solo show – the largest one ever dedicated to the artist in the UK –  collects more than 70 works, including his famous “Signals”, namely antennae-like sculptures, musical devices and magnetic objects. The exhibition path includes also Takis’ emblematic sound works “Musicales”, his “Silver Musical Sphere” and his Gong.

Takis’ research, focussed on the poetry and beauty of electromagnetic objects, has led him to become one of the most innovative voices of the 20th century, admired by the international artistic avant-garde, ranging from the American Beat poets to artists such as Marcel Duchamp.



  • Takis, Takis, "Télélumière Relief No. 5", 1963-1965, Tate Presented by Tate Members 2018 © Takis

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