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The Big Rip, Bounce Chill Or Crunch?

Last Tango

17 May 201920 Jul 2019

Last Tango presents The Big Rip, Bounce, Chill or Crunch? featuring works from 12 artists equipped with inspired views on myth-making and future possibilities, who astutely play with the representation of idealized and non-idealized worlds. In doing so they create potential new ideas and highly individualistic mythologies about the polarities between creation/destruction, dis/harmony and dystopia/utopia. Alternatively they break away entirely from such dualisms.

Navigating through ideas ranging from the macro vs. micro, alternative theology, mythical creatures, alien encounters, invented pictographic languages, darkness vs. lightness, total world vs. physical world, entropy and the arrow of time, ancestral tales and personal mythologies, the 12 artists instill a questioning about our current modus operandi and potentially inspire a contemplativeness on what lies beyond our world.

  • Jessica Diamond, Is That All There Is?, 2019, Courtesy of the artist.Jessica Diamond, Is That All There Is?, 2019, Courtesy of the artist.

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