Rio de Janeiro - Exhibition

The Design and Wood

Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM Rio)

12 Dec 201514 Feb 2016

The great pioneers of modern Brazilian design used wood as the main raw material in the creation of your furniture. Sergio Rodrigues, José Zanine Caldas and Joaquim Tenreiro fetched, especially in wood, the best shortcut to create a unique design with Brazilian identity.The inspiration and fascination for wood in Brazil are the indigenous traditions in the production of appliances, the European use of this material in furniture, but above all by the abundant supply of all types of wood in Brazil, which has tree name. With the rise in the country of a search for the Brazilianness, stimulated by the modernist movement, breeders began to work to produce furniture that would adapt to the tropical climate and the way of life of Brazilians.

Over time, many architects and designers also elected Brazilian wood as the protagonist of his creations. However, the use of raw material that comes from our forests,  often vilified and destroyed, it was becoming a matter of concern among designers who are dedicated to sustainable use of wood. The responsible production, reuse of demolition materials, the concern to avoid waste, the techniques used in manufacturing to guarantee a long service life make good design a way to preserve the wood.

Central theme of this exhibition, the wood brings together products created by designers from Rio de Janeiro who use the material in a creative and innovative way, aware of the commitment to sustainable use. So we celebrate the 450th anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro and the support of the MAM-RJ the Brazilian design.

The show is a tribute to the raw material that helped to consolidate the Brazilianness of our design, but also to the craft that takes new and veteran designers from Rio de Janeiro to create objects and furniture of high quality aesthetic and functional. Still we celebrate the memory of three teachers who paved the way for the contemporary Brazilian design.

Participating in the exhibition Aida Boal designers, Antonio Bernardo, Bernardo do Amaral Bernardo Senna, Carlos Simas, Eduardo Baroni, Fernando Mendes, Felipe Bardy and Bernardo Sodré, Guto Indio da Costa, Henrique Meyrelles, Hugo Galindo and Luiz Eduardo Rocha, Ines Ferraz Ivan Rezende, Izabella Suzart, Leonardo Carneiro, Lia Siqueira, Gustavo Bittencourt, Leonardo Lattavo and Peter Moog, Mariana Betting Ferrarezi and Roberto Hercowitz, Ricardo Graham, Roberto Bernardo, Rodrigo Calixto, Thomaz Brazil, Zanini of Zanine,
Tulio Mariante Trustees.

  • Joaquim TenreiroJoaquim Tenreiro
  • Sergio RodriguesSergio Rodrigues

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