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The Natural Order of Things

Museo Jumex Arte Contemporáneo

10 Mar 201608 May 2016

This exhibition of works from the Jumex Collection presents some of the key aspects of the museum’s program in the years to come and its particular approach to contemporary art as one that reflects artists’ desire to seek fields of agency outside the art-historical canon and the institutional-gallery framework. It will also offer the public an insight on the different approaches the museum and its curatorial program will take with regard to the collection, and how this resource can generate different curatorial formats and ways of working over the next years. Taking free inspiration from literary sources and artist museums, the works from the collection are presented in the framework of a fictional museum, organized in taxonomic divisions, orders, that simultaneously support but also interrogate this classificatory regime. A selected number of artists have been invited to dialogue with the different categories, amongst them Melanie Gilligan, Coco Fusco, and the artist collectives HCRH and Dexter Sinister, who will design the fictional museum’s graphic identity. The exhibition display is designed by the architecture and design collaborative Pedro&Juana.

  • Miguel CalderónMiguel Calderón
  • Exhibition by Melanie Gilligan, at De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2015Exhibition by Melanie Gilligan, at De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2015

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Melanie Gilligan

Coco Fusco

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General admission: $50; Mexican citizens: $30, Concession: $15 pesos; Free on Sunday


2500 m2

González Julieta

T: +5255 5395 2615; +5255 5395 2618 M: W: Fundación Jumex
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