Venice - Exhibition

The Passion and the Vision

Bevilacqua La Masa – Piazza San Marco

15 May 201810 Jul 2018

The Passion and the Vision: Riccardo Selvatico and Giovan Battista Giorgini between Venice and Florence at the Bevilacqua La Masa”  proposes a comparison between Venice and Florence starting from the two figures who created, in 1895 the Biennale and in 1951 “La Moda Italiana” “il Pitti”. Riccardo Selvatico (1849 – 1901) poet and playwright, was the Mayor of Venice from 1890 to 1895.

From this premise there is the opportunity to analyze the relationship between Architecture, Art and Fashion and their role of potential development for the territory as it has already happened in the past and as a possible development for the future, in an international context.

A 120-year-long photograph. In the gallery’s first floor the following will be exhibited: Ruth Beraha, Jaspal Birdi, Giacomo Gerboni, Marta Fassina, Francesco Pozzato, Matteo Vettorello, Oscar Isaias Contreras Rojas, Barbara De Vivi, Chiara Enzo, Valentina Rosa, Sonia Veronese, Xhimi Hoti and Yiming He.

  • Courtesy of Bevilacqua La MasaCourtesy of Bevilacqua La Masa

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