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The Rebirth Triad

Reggia di Caserta

07 Dec 201608 Jan 2017

From December 7th the Reggia di Caserta becomes the home of site-specific installations on the Nativity theme developed by three Italian contemporary artists.

With the patronage of Michelangelo Pistoletto and the collaboration of Intragallery and Uncommon project, artists Vincenzo Marsiglia, Anita Calà and Lapo Simeoni were asked to reflect on the concept of rebirth and the Nativity.

We asked the curator, Chiara Canali to introduce into the project and tell us about the idea and development of the exhibition: “The project has been conceived to give a contemporary interpretation to the theme of the Nativity through the work of the three Italian artists. The intention was to create a cross-dialogue between the artists’ site – specific works and the magnificent eighteenth-century Nativity of the Royal Palace, located in the adjacent room, which this year will be renewed through a new lighting system”.

The works relate to the themes of birth and re-birth primarily through the symbolism of their form. The works are in fact three different formulations of the circle: Anita Calà work is linked to the egg and oval stone meant as symbol of rebirth; the work of Lapo Simeoni is related to the sign of the true circle, which guarantees perfection and that perpetuates the continuous cycle of death and rebirth; Vincenzo Marsiglia uses the irregular shape of the octahedron, referring to the planetary orbits of concentric spheres inscribed in the five Platonic solids, and then to similar celestial harmonies.

The three works talk to each other according to the principle, formulated by Michelangelo Pistoletto of the Trinamica, ie the dynamics of the number three. In Trinamica three is always a birth, which occurs by accidental or deliberate combination of two subjects, as well as in the symbol of the Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto, where the circles opposed, which means nature and artifice, rejoin the center ring that represents the womb of rebirth.
The trinamica phenomenon can be read in combination to the work of these three artists who, although representing dichotomous and different aspects of reality, contribute together to formulate a new reality imbued with meaning and significance.

What link the works of the three artists is the common desire to seek a “rebirth” meant as a different attitude, mental and spiritual, for humanity, but also as a different attitude, more responsible and respectful towards different areas culture and social life.

  • Anita Calà, Exhibition view Anita Calà, Exhibition view "The Rebirth Triad", 2016
  • Vincenzo Marsiglia, Exhibition view Vincenzo Marsiglia, Exhibition view "The Rebirth Triad", 2016

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