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The Sun Teaches Us That History Is Not Everything

Osage Hong Kong

26 Mar 201806 May 2018

Initiated by the Osage Art Foundation and curated by Brazilian curator Raphael Fonseca, “The Sun Teaches Us that History Is Not Everything” is an attempt to establish closer relations between South East America and South East Asia through the fulcrum of Hong Kong. This project brings together 26 artists – 14 from Central and South America and Mexico, 8 from South East Asia and 4 from Hong Kong and Macau and develops a discourse around contemporary art in Asia and beyond. The show examines dialogues and parallels between the histories of colonialism, migration, cultural identity and post-colonialism in the South Eastern Americas and South East Asia with Hong Kong / Macau as the pivot point around which these discourses may revolve.

  • The sun teaches us that history is not everything, Osage Art FoundationThe sun teaches us that history is not everything, Osage Art Foundation

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