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Tilted Scenes – What Do You See?

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07 May 201911 May 2019

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, presents “Tilted Scenes – What Do You See?”, an exhibition supported by the SBS Foundation, curated by Joowon Park, featuring works by nine Korean artists that raise topics related to the ‘unseen’: phenomena such as social systems, rules, concepts of nation, identity and ideology that restrict our thoughts and actions.
The power of the unseen exists and quietly controls us throughout the world, for this project each story told by the nine selected artists are specifically rooted or attached to local contexts in South Korea. The unseen blinds us to the world around us and sometimes leads us astray, onto highly isolated paths, yet we remain unaware of its power. By awakening viewers to their surroundings, this project seeks to encourage new perspectives and bring about new points of view.

  • © mixrice, Courtesy of MMCA© mixrice, Courtesy of MMCA

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