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Tony Cragg

Buchmann Galerie

17 Nov 201816 Feb 2019

The exhibition presents new sculptures and drawings by Tony Cragg, which exemplify his interest in the study of nature in order to challenge it. The centre of the showcase is a monumental sculpture from the new series “Skulls”, characterised by the complex alternation of internal and external spaces, resembling a natural and fluid shape but conveying at the same time solidity. Besides it, on view also the group of works “Hedges”, inspired by the landscapes of Cragg’s English childhood, marked by leaf-and-blade-like forms and “Conversion”, which transform the leaf-like structure into a floral one. All the installations range between their resemblance to natural elements, given by the lucid patina of the metallic material, and their declared synthetic and artificial appearances. All the pieces respond to the individuals’ need, expressed by the artist’s himself, to discover what lies under the surface of things and the inner forces which animate them.
A selection of recent drawings and sculptures is also on view at Buchmann Box, in Charlottenstrasse, Berlin.


  • Tony Cragg Tony Cragg "Conversion", 2017, Courtesy of the gallery

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Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg

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