Milan - Exhibition

Tony Oursler. The Volcano and Poetics Tattoo

Dep Art

06 Apr 201901 Jun 2019

The exhibition by the American artist presents his most recent works: the “Le Volcan” 3D video (2015-2016), “Spacemen R My Friended” virtual reality (2016) and the video installation “Lapsed C” with photo luminescent screen “Poetics Tattoo” (1977-2017).

The works exhibited here feature disorientating effects which technology has on people, something which is often to be found in Oursler’s works. Thanks to the help of special 3D visors the public is invited to immerse itself both in the virtual and psychoactive optical ‘settings’ and lurk among the characters created by the artist. In a suggestive staging in darkness constellated by the projections, the gallery is “inhabited” by three-dimensional and virtual persons and places.

  • Tony Oursler Le volcan , 2015-2016Tony Oursler Le volcan , 2015-2016

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