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Tracey Snelling: Clusterfuck 9

ICA San José

22 Jun 201915 Sep 2019

Berlin-based artist Tracey Snelling’s site-specific installation series are on view at ICA San Josè. “Clusterfuck” captures Snelling’s ability to transport viewers to a foreign world. .

The clashing of cultures in Clusterfuck 9, along with the over-stimulating and ensnaring qualities of Snelling’s installation leave one with the uncomfortable feeling of entering into strangers’ lives and wondering: who are these people? Snelling’s work is derived from voyeurism, film noir, and location. Her meticulously detailed miniature sculptures of storefronts, bedrooms, and interior spaces encourage the viewer to silently spy on the activities of this imaginary locale. She explains, “I am not trying to replicate a place; rather I give my impression of a place, its people and their experience, and allow the viewer to extrapolate their own meaning.”

  • Tracey Snelling: Clusterfuck 9, Exhibition view, 2019 © David PaceTracey Snelling: Clusterfuck 9, Exhibition view, 2019 © David Pace

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