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Treasures of the World from The British Museum

National Museum of Singapore

05 Dec 201529 May 2016

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Explore the finest artefacts the world has to offer at this highly-anticipated exhibition from the British Museum in London. Come face to face with the “unlucky mummy” falsely rumoured to have sunk the Titanic, marvel at gold jewellery from ancient Mesopotamian graves and be fascinated by the magical transformation mask from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.

Featuring stunning relics from ancient civilisations and treasures spanning Africa, Oceania and the Middle East, as well as Europe, Asia and the Americas, this extensive collection encompasses over two million years of abundant culture and history. Closer to home, the exhibition also includes items from the personal collection of Sir Stamford Raffles, such as a Javanese mask and a kris and scabbard dating back to the early 19th century.

  • Courtesy of National Museum of SingaporeCourtesy of National Museum of Singapore

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