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Tudo Que É Sólido Desmancha no Ar

Galeria Jaqueline Martins

02 Apr 201509 May 2015

Curated by Bernando de Souza, this show creates relations between the works of four artists represented by the gallery. Letícia Parente (1930 – 1991) was a pioneer in recording performances and creating political videos in Brazil, in the 1970s. Her production is a major influence to the work of three contemporary artists that discuss politics and history through delicate poetics: Ana Mazzei, Débora Bolsoni and Lais Myrrha.

By juxtaposing artistic practices distinct in time and space, the exhibition proposes a retrospective analysis, highlighting cultural transformations experienced by Brazilian society in the years that followed May 1968, specially concerning women’s conditions and roles in contemporary society.

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Ana Mazzei

Débora Bolsoni

Lais Myrrha. Photo by Foto: Dila Puccini

Lais Myrrha

Letícia Parente

Special Events

Destination: São Paulo
Where: Galeria Jaqueline Martins
Type: Opening
Destination: São Paulo
Where: Galeria Jaqueline Martins
Type: Breakfast

Breakfast and talk with curator and artists Anna Mazzei, Débora Bolsoni and Lais Myrrha

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