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#Urbancitizenship: City and Democracy

Shedhalle Zürich

02 Jun 201625 Sep 2016

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The Shedhalle-Project: “The Whole World in Zurich. Direct Intervention into Swiss Migration Politics” is leading new spaces for(post) migrant fights about local citizenship and debates, in which a “right to have rights“ is claimed, since summer of 2015. In three forums, local and international participants discussed the potential of urban citizenship for the city of Zurich.
A transdisciplinary workgroup developed precise projects to three main topics of urban citizenship: Freedom of residence, discrimination and cultural expression.
Content-related to the project ” The Whole World in Zurich“ is the city forum “We All are Zurich“. On February 7th, 550 interested individuals discussed in the Shedhalle location about (post) migrational right for claiming the city and new ways of Swiss migration politics.
An exhibition in the Shedhalle is giving insight into the project, its public and non-public methods, its content, its protagonists and its future: the future of a city for all of us.

  • # Urbancitizenship# Urbancitizenship
  • Graphic design: Carolina Cerbaro and Roger Conscience.Graphic design: Carolina Cerbaro and Roger Conscience.

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