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Victoria Cabezas and Priscilla Monge: Give Me What You Ask For

Americas Society

13 Feb 201904 May 2019

“Give Me What You Ask For” brings together for the first time the bodies of work created by artists Victoria Cabezas and Priscilla Monge. Even if separated by more than a generation, they both investigate their inner sphere in relation to social-political economies, sexual violence, gender roles and stereotypes. Coming both from Costa Rica, they challenge the perception of the body and the clichés connected with the ideas of  masculinity and femininity in Latin American cultures.


  • Victoria Cabezas, Victoria Cabezas, "El Banano Emplumado (The Feathered Banana)", 1973, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San José. Bequest of Victoria Cabezas. Photograph credit: Daniela Morales Lisac.

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