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Vincenzo Castella: Milano


27 Feb 201927 Apr 2019

The exhibition at BUILDING, in Milan, is dedicated to the photographies of Vincenzo Castella, constituting an anthology of his work in Milan.
“Milano” showcases thirty medium-and-large-format works, more than one hundred unpublished pictures of the construction of San Siro stadium and three video projections, all divided into three sections: “Rinascimento” (Renaissance), “Contesto Urbano” (Urban Context) and “Natura” (Nature).

Vincenzo Castella is internationally renown for his large-format images, portraying landscapes built by men or urban sceneries. The exhibition’s title clearly refers to the main subject of the images, intended by their author as an homage to the city of Milan, where the artist lives and also one of his main topics of research since the late 1980s.


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