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Vittorio Corsini: Environments

Arte in Fabbrica

13 Apr 201930 Sep 2019

The exhibition is a joint collaboration bewteen Galleria d’Arte Frediano Farsetti of Milan and Arte in Fabbrica, a new cultural centre that has been created within an equally long-standing industrial context, Gori Tessuti of Calenzano.

Vittorio Corsini is the first artist who has been asked to take part in this collaboration, and is inaugurating, with “Unstable” and “Environments, a project that will have a four-month cadence.

Arte in Fabbrica has settled within the 10,000 square metres of the warehouse. Its opening hours are the same as those of the company’s production activity, and its goal is explicitly stated: life, art and work seamlessly joined. The works that Corsini has conceived for Calenzano become the metaphor of a relationship between the individual and the world, between the private space and the shared one, between the domestic space and the social one. The image of home, a constant icon in the artist’s work, is expressed here in several special solutions: there is a project dimension in the three-dimensional steel maps hanging on the walls, and there is an installation dimension in the house that hangs from the ceiling by a wire and rotates slowly, projecting a beam of light on the floor. In front of it, there is a large oil painting: a wood crossed by a road that propels us out of the room, indicating a new perspective.

  • Vittorio Corsini, Blu Room, 2016, Courtesy of the artistVittorio Corsini, Blu Room, 2016, Courtesy of the artist

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