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Waking Dream

308 Nulla è perduto

05 Apr 201909 Apr 2019

“Waking Dream” gathers seven artists and two collectives investigating a single theme, that is the symbols and tropes linked with the sphere of subconscious and their impact on the waking mind. The artists assume the oneiric dimension of the subject as an eclipse of the five senses: consciousness and sleep are opposite status of consciousness and they contaminate each other in the moment of waking. The starting point of the exhibition are the writings of Carl Gustav Jung who states that the individuals’ creativity is the result of processes of thought occurring during sleeping hours.


  • Ignazio Mortellaro, Ignazio Mortellaro, "Waking Dream" April 5–9, 308 Nulla è perduto, Milan


Maria Abramenko

Special Events

Destination: Milan
Where: 308 Nulla è Perduto
Type: Performance

Audio performance by Edoardo Dionea Cicconi

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