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Wang Dongwei: Enlightened mind, broadened horizons

Art Seasons Gallery Singapore

14 Jan 201620 Feb 2016

Art Seasons presents Wang Dongwei first solo exhibition in Singapore, titled Enlightened Mind, Broadened Horizons, showcasing a series of abstract and landscape paintings bearing homage to time, seasons, and land.

The abstract lines in the artist’s works appear to have been torn, and are so wound-like that they have been patiently stitched up. Gentle touches bring solace. Having been painted over and over and covered with acrylic paints, the works appear bulky after a few sunbaths, indicative of the repairs of the wounds. The minute lines and the solemnity of the foundation are imbued with a deep and enchanting color, whose serenity can only be seen by perceptive minds. Warmth is hidden behind solemnity. In a remote area, the artist has gained a profound insight. The low-key but rather exquisite colors are the result of repeated thickening and retouching, the result of gradual toil and cultivation. It is like the product of photosynthesis, with time and sunlight as the catalyst.

Wang Dongwei’s paintings get us reacquainted with art as a life style. Art is a skill as well as manual labor. Under the sun, on the ground, between different seasons, art gets a breath of growth and peace, avoids the din of the secular world but accepts the settling dusts. Art is the consolation of our soul, giving it peace of mind and depth of character.

  • Wang Dongwei, Landscape 23, 2014. © Art Seasons GalleryWang Dongwei, Landscape 23, 2014. © Art Seasons Gallery
  • Wang Dongwei, Untitled 68, 2012. © Art Seasons GalleryWang Dongwei, Untitled 68, 2012. © Art Seasons Gallery

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