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Wang Huangsheng: Lifelines

Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre

03 Sep 201912 Sep 2019

Curated by Katie Hill, Programme Leader of Art of Asia and their Markets at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, “Lifelines” brings together Wang’s new series of calligraphic works “Daily-Practice”, the Prose Poetries.

Wang believes: “Daily-Practice is a way for Chinese to cultivate cultures. We would waste thousands of paper sheets just for practicing calligraphy, but poetry writings are more like playing a game of expressing emotions.”

In his practice, Wang combines classical poetry and painting. Through the practice as a daily ritual, the artist is to attain “cultivation” and “enlightenment”. The “chaotic” script where characters overlay each other contains the artist’s classical sensibility, as well as a fusion of aesthetic and conceptual meanings that echo and reverberate with the past.

  • Wang Huangsheng, Overflowing Light, 2017Wang Huangsheng, Overflowing Light, 2017

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