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We are not your Native Informers Series II

1×1 Art Gallery

16 Mar 201515 Apr 2015

In Dubai certain scenes are privileged at given moments and we cannot deny immigrant artists bring with them a much needed diversity to an otherwise bland landscape. A few grew up in the Emirates or in near by kingdoms, others escape lives in Iran and the rest are there to sustain their practices from its entrepot economy.
Curators, collectors, fairs and Institutions often follow economic successes and economic terms with their pursuits. The ‘Global South’ arises from a need of representation of burgeoning economies, in  geo-political gatherings,  forums of business and subsequently in culture. The stereotype and the exotic that arises from the boxing of nationalities and culture leads to a pervert distance one which Janek Simon calls the furthering of distances for the need of an exciting travelogue.  The dishonesty that arises from the need of discovery and paths taken to achieve that are critiqued in this exhibition where artists come to represent nations other than theirs during Dubai’s most busy art week, Art Dubai.

The exhibition, curated by Sumesh Sharma, presents works of Justin Ponmany (b.1974, Kerala), Simon Liddiment (b. 1964, Gt Yarmouth), Janek Simon (b. 1977), Kemi Bassene and Yogesh Barve.

  • Justin Ponmany, inward clearing, 2014. Courtesy of the artistJustin Ponmany, inward clearing, 2014. Courtesy of the artist
  • Justin Ponmany, Anarchist Dilemma, 2014. Courtesy of Amol PatilJustin Ponmany, Anarchist Dilemma, 2014. Courtesy of Amol Patil

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