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Wirikuta (Mexican Time-slip)

Museo Espacio Aguas Calientes

03 Nov 201630 Apr 2017

“Mexican Slip”, the group show presented at Hilario Galguera Gallery, exhibits contemporary art as the anticipation of a new nature: a cinematic travel on a huge landscape made of videos, paintings and sculptures, where nature, urban elements and machinic ones have melted.

“Wirikuta” is the name of the sacred site where the world has been created, according to the Huichol mythology. Now, it is the terminal point of an initiatic journey involving the consumption of peyote. The subtitle of the exhibition, “Mexican Time-slip”, alludes to Philip K. Dick’s novel, “Martian Time-Slip”, a story about parallel worlds.

  • Wirikuta (Mexican Time Slip), 2016.Wirikuta (Mexican Time Slip), 2016.

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