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Yang Chi-chuan: Tick-Tock

Things that can happen

09 Mar 201726 Mar 2017

Things that can happen presents a two-part experiment by Yang Chi-chuan, artist-in-residence.

For the first phase of the exhibition, Yang Chi-chuan presents an ongoing project which comprises of voice recordings of the artist reading her own writings. Yang writes on a daily basis and these writings reflect and accumulate her everyday experiences and memories. The voice recordings are edited into a 24-hour sequence, in which small sound effects such as the chime of the clock are added to indicate the passing of time. Some segments of the recording are selected in response to the opening hours of the exhibition space.

Special opening hours during Art Basel Hong Kong: 20 – 26 March 2017, 13pm – 8pm

  • Courtesy of Things that can happenCourtesy of Things that can happen

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Destination: Hong Kong
Where: Things that can happen
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