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Yogesh Barve: Solo Show

Things that can happen

01 Oct 201630 Oct 2016

Things that can happen announces the exhibition by Yogesh Barve in response to the two-part residency of the artist. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Clark House Initiative artists.

From his first experience of Hong Kong which includes deportation, the vibrant electronic market and night markets of the underprivileged and multicultural Sham Shui Po, artspaces amidst old buildings from the colonial period, funeral homes and mega shopping malls all next to each other, Yogesh Barve attempts to disentangle and decipher systems and histories of a former British colonial city very close to Bombay where he comes from.

‘Yogesh Barve uses deduction to conceptualize an array of objects that narrate and refuse to shed layer. By deducting the layers of utility and turning an object redundant into abstraction he is able to decipher like an archaeologist layers behind the production, history and finally accessibility to the consumption of its utility. Here is where in/equality appears in a measure that is visual and undecipherable at the first glance. Hong Kong is a port, one which promises an avenue into China but also to other nations, it is an entrepot of information, foreign reporters writing on the region are stationed there. Its architecture is utilitarian rather than derived much from an aesthetic of a movement or style, but beneath the walls lie lives of many — immigration from mainland China, colonization and the crown colonies such as Barve’s native India. When one encounters the electronics market, one also deciphers the complex links of trade between Hong Kong and the rest of the world, one that brings in goods from China sending them across to nations who desperately need goods that are made cheaply defying the costs of copyright. Yogesh Barve has always used the architecture of the Indian constitution to critique the inequalities of Indian society, here he looks at the laws of immigration, asylum and deportation from a personal perspective on how visa regimes work, whom do they allow? How do they let in and who lives on as a refugee? Do British era colonial laws allow an island state to work with another system? Demolishing the alphabets of the word “System”, Barve begins an extensive dismantling of the layers that define visual Hong Kong.’ —- Sumesh Sharma

Yogesh Barve is an artist based in Mumbai, India. Using a range of materials, including found objects, digital technologies, such as his mobile phone camera, and search and game engines, his work examines social and cultural experiences of in/equality, ir/rationality, the un/invited, and the in/outsider. He is a member of Clark House Initiative, a curatorial collaborative and a union of artists based in Bombay.

  • Yogesh Barve, Solo Show, Things that can happen, Hong Kong 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Things that can happenYogesh Barve, Solo Show, Things that can happen, Hong Kong 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Things that can happen

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