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Zhao Gang: History Painting

Pérez Art Museum Miami – PAMM

24 May 201905 Jan 2020

The solo exhibition “Zhao Gang: History Painting” at Pérez Art Museum Miami – PAMM brings together fourteen paintings by the artist, whose artistic development has been fundamental in laying the foundations of Chinese contemporary art. After adhering to the Stars Group, China’s first modern art movement, Gang lived and trained in the United States for a period. After coming back to China, he had a leading influence on the local culture and developed a personal and provocative style merging Eastern and Western elements. 

The exhibition at PAMM highlights the multicultural vibe of Gang’s works, providing a sharp look at China’s history and society. Part of the paintings is set up as in an ancient artistic salon, recreated inside the museum’s space: it recalls the 1980s phenomenon of “apartment art”, which flourished in opposition to the government’s official rhetoric and censorship.

  • Zhao Gang, Zhao Gang, "There is An America", 2007, Pizzuti Collection

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