Miami - Fair

Satellite Art Show 2017

The Ocean Terrace Hotel

07 Dec 201710 Dec 2017

Founded in 2015, Satellite Art Show is a platform for young dealers, artist-run spaces and non-profits to exhibit during Miami Art Week. The fair is the antagonist to the standard fair and in turn, fills the voids left by Miami Art Week’s soullessness through collaboration, direct engagement, and fun presenting 40 rooms of an abandoned hotel repurposed into immersive, experiential, and often participatory exhibitions.


Haute to Death; Detroit, MI
Famous on Mars X Susie Magazine; Brooklyn, NY
Storefront Project; New York, NY
Fountain of Pythons; Tampa, FL
Linear Anagram; Brooklyn NY
Tempus Projects; Tampa, FL
Nice’N Easy; Miami, FL
HOMOCATS; Brooklyn, NY
Milagros Collective; Miami, FL
CHASM; Brooklyn, NY
Mary Sky; Hancock, VT
BrobDinGnag Collective; Philadelphia, PA
Meow Wolf; Santa Fe, NM
Con Artist Collective; New York, NY
Tanga; Miami, FL
LOG; Chapel Hill, NC
JBG Projects; Washington, DC
The Haunt; Dallas, TX
Dangerous Rose; New Orleans, LA
Performance is Alive; New York, NY
School of Visual Art; New York, NY
Spectra; New Orleans, LA
Rochambeau; Los Angeles
Industry Gallery; Los Angeles, CA
Duet Gallery; St Louis, MO
AWOL; Los Angeles, CA
Lena Marquise & Caspar Petéus; New York, NY
Secret Project Robot; Brooklyn, NY
Gravy Studio; Philadelphia, PA
Coop Art Project; Miami, FL
Bandler Enterprises; Brooklyn, NY
Tiger Strikes Asteroid; Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
Borscht Corporation; Miami, FL
Artveer; New York, NY
Flatsitter; Buffalo, NY
Lounge Corp; Brooklyn, NY
Art Center SF; Miami, FL
Camayuhs; Atlanta, GA

Performance Artists:

Riccardo Attanasio “Matlakas” (UK), Caitlin Baucom (NYC), Hovey Brock (NYC), Mara Catalan (NYC), Máiréad Delaney (Chicago, IL), Diane Dwyer (NYC), Shawn Escarciga (NYC), Ayana Evans* (NYC), Katya Grokhovsky (NYC), Alexandra Hammond (NYC), PEI-LING HO (Taipei/NYC), Hu Renyi (China/NYC), Cynthia Post Hunt (AR), Tsedaye Makonnen (DC), Luis Mejico (IL), Helina Metaferia (DC), Butch Merigoni (NYC), Miriam Parker & Christina Smiros (NYC), Verónica Peña (Spain/IN), Keijaun Thomas (NYC), Rah (Iran, CAN), Jessica Yatrofsky (NYC), Alice Vogler (NC).

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Destination: Miami
Where: The Ocean Terrace Hotel
Type: Press Preview

Press Preview Satellite Art Show

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thu, fri, sat 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm; sun 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

mon, tue, wed

$20 day pass / $40 week pass

7410 Ocean Terrace Miami Beach, USA