São Paulo - Fair

Editorial Cluster

SP-Arte 2015

09 Apr 201512 Apr 2015

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Based on the relations existing between artistic production, editorial production, and their markets, the Editorial Cluster consists of four sections – art and culture Magazines from Brazil and abroad; books exhibitions; publishers of Artist’s Books; and Book Releases – and will be presented between the Pavilion’s ground floor and 1st floor.

Special events:

Apr 9, 4pm | Book Launch: “33 Artists in 3 Acts” by Sarah Thomas

Apr 10, 7:30pm | Book Launch: Raul Mourão

April 11, 5pm | Book Launch: “O Livro do Livro” by Ester Grinspum

  • Courtesy of SP-Arte, São Paulo, Brazil Courtesy of SP-Arte, São Paulo, Brazil

Contacts & Details

T: +55 11 3094 2820 M: info@sp-arte.com W: SP-Arte