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Andorra 2017

Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà

13 May 201726 Nov 2017

Eve Ariza represents Andorra at the 57th Venice Biennale.

The installation, Murmuri, reflects on universal language with an in depth study of changes in material and the origins of form and sound. She works on reproducing the bowl as a container of truth and a sensory experience through its natural resonance. She purposely tears its base to reveal a mouth-like shape, thus transforming its essence and dismissing its conventional use.

Closed on Mondays except May 15th, August 14th, September 4th, October 30th, and November 20th 2017.


  • Eve Ariza, Taller, 2017 Eve Ariza, Taller, 2017

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Destination: Venice
Where: Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà
Type: Opening
Admission: By Invitation Only

Opening Andorra Pavilion

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Castello 3701 Venice, 30122 Italy