Venice - National Participation

Argentina 2017


13 May 201726 Nov 2017

The Argentinean Pavilion presents Claudia Fontes’ installation “The Horse Problem”: a frozen-scene in which a horse, a woman and a young man, obliged to face a crisis, react in different ways. The causes and the symptoms are connected as the destinies, in the artist opinion, of the human and the horse. The installation, focusing on the idea of nation, territories and national identities, gives a key to interpret history and future.

  • Argentina Pavilion, Arsenale, Venice 2017 Argentina Pavilion, Arsenale, Venice 2017

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Destination: Venice
Where: Arsenale
Type: Opening
Admission: By Invitation Only

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Mauricio Wainrot

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Arsenale, Castello Venice, 30122 Italy