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Australia 2019


11 May 201924 Nov 2019

Curator: Juliana Engberg

Commissioner: Australia Council for the Arts
Artist: Angelica Mesiti

The exhibition features a multi-screen installation titled “ASSEMBLY”, in which artist Angelica Mesiti experiments through various figures of polyphony, cacophony, dissonance and harmony. The artist explores the potentialities of the translation from a mean of expression to another, with a particular interest in the movement from verbal languages to non-verbal and musical ones.
Her project for the Pavilion of Australia derives from an Australian poem by writer David Malouf, then transposed into a sound score and played by a musical ensemble. In this way, Mesiti explores the transformative power of group communication through interpretation and non-verbal languages.



  • Pavilion of Australia, Angelica Mesiti, Pavilion of Australia, Angelica Mesiti, "ASSEMBLY" (production still), 2019, Commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts on the occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale

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